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Jay Stan
Jay Stan 3 orë më parë
Kanye of the west 😂😂😂
Byron Page
Byron Page 3 orë më parë
Joseph Desta
Joseph Desta 3 orë më parë
0:42 when you knew the song was gonna be funny
Apis Baini
Apis Baini 3 orë më parë
" Dios Mio" 😂
bradley little
bradley little 3 orë më parë
6 plastic bags = parachute you wont die try this
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards 3 orë më parë
Did I see GG Allen and the Murder Junkies scroll up the screen?
AG 3 orë më parë
Fun fact:malcom x and martin luther king met each other only once
James Young
James Young 3 orë më parë
I like how he speeds up on the punchlines 😂
PluckySanta 3 orë më parë
Someone call the doom slayer xD
Aus Tronaut
Aus Tronaut 4 orë më parë
My sims characters can relate to this 💁🏻‍♂️
Alexander Agcaoili
Alexander Agcaoili 4 orë më parë
This is my OCD personified wth
Galactic Cactus
Galactic Cactus 4 orë më parë
Don’t ever think you can out-freak a public transportation worker. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, and even train folk have seen hell itself on a regular basis. Lol
Jason 4 orë më parë
I thought about learning French, but I'm already a master at speaking English, why ruin a good thing?!?!
Conn Stevenson
Conn Stevenson 4 orë më parë
So i clicked on a Key and Peele video and 4 hours later it's almost 1am and I've work tomorrow. 1 more though before i switch off couldn't hurt.
Chndr L
Chndr L 4 orë më parë
Sounds like Meegan in the last scene
KumaBean 4 orë më parë
When I first put this video on I was thinking 'ah, not heard that track I'm a while, I'll bosh it on after!', but after watching this I'm like 'nah, I'm good,' lmao
Yung Drilla
Yung Drilla 4 orë më parë
Lmfao I love this show
MrEuboea 4 orë më parë
This kind of joke has fallen out of favor in the past exactly one year for some inexplicable reason, but I love that their two-man conference isn't closer only because the brim of his hair-hat gets in the way and not because they're basically speaking into each other's teeth
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider 4 orë më parë
When my ex boss husband comes back from india see what happened in a whole year lmfaooo
Alex Estrada
Alex Estrada 4 orë më parë
I love the fang🤣
Anita Park
Anita Park 5 orë më parë
um ok
MrEuboea 5 orë më parë
"Annnnnd SNAP" Oh shit. Sympathy for the devil indeed!
Tyler Deutsch
Tyler Deutsch 5 orë më parë
Co Qui
Co Qui 5 orë më parë
Mom I made it! Did you see me on TV?! It's me in the back! @1:41 😂
Joshua Marsh
Joshua Marsh 5 orë më parë
3:22 Bad acting there. Dude at the top used his hand to lay down or cushion his fall
Abel Pazos
Abel Pazos 5 orë më parë
This might be their greatest work?!
saucy nonchalance
saucy nonchalance 5 orë më parë
cute aggression is real
Ryno k
Ryno k 5 orë më parë
That moment you realize you sharted!
Mikey NYC
Mikey NYC 5 orë më parë
This is one of the Greatest comedy skits of all time.
Sarena Harmon
Sarena Harmon 5 orë më parë
It’s only a minute and 45 seconds of it is incoherent but Jesus Christ this is so funny how do they do it
—{ Unassailable }—
—{ Unassailable }— 5 orë më parë
Michael Reiter
Michael Reiter 5 orë më parë
Please make into movie @realjordanpeel
Bee Well
Bee Well 5 orë më parë
at first i thought "they went too far"... bad damn
Cyrus Chaney
Cyrus Chaney 5 orë më parë
Where Do they get t'he budget
Jeffery Towler
Jeffery Towler 5 orë më parë
"oh your a magical negro too","who you calling a negro bitch"
DevInDenver 23
DevInDenver 23 6 orë më parë
Chinese dude only gave him a dollar, "You know how it is.." 😂. Oh and that chinese guy has actually been in more movies than anyone else ever, can't remember his name rn tho
D RG 6 orë më parë
She totally sandbagged him. She acted like she was impressed, but turns out, she's a ringer. That's why you should under promise and over deliver.
Tarik Gillum
Tarik Gillum 6 orë më parë
Can someone help me out with the name of the movie being parodied at the end?
Dorian Melrath
Dorian Melrath 6 orë më parë
Vaas ?
TheDanteEX 6 orë më parë
What about the Phantom Minnies tho? Neesons straight outmaneuvered a giant fish! Circle of life
Metal Scientist
Metal Scientist 6 orë më parë
Pretty much. They had some great songs back in the day.
Delia Teresita
Delia Teresita 6 orë më parë
How are not using moderbeeches on a daily basis?🤣
G B 6 orë më parë
Oh man, the Doc wanted to give him that prescription so bad.... Dude didn't get it
Isaac Way
Isaac Way 6 orë më parë
You can see Keegan struggling to keep character throughout the sketch, he’s constantly holding back a smile because of how funny this sketch is. Underrated for sure
Jesse Stout
Jesse Stout 6 orë më parë
Biting off Dave so hard in this shit
Tyler Enslow
Tyler Enslow 6 orë më parë
When is the day there gonna bleep out the LORDS NAME IN VAIN instead of the fuck word.. I swear but NOT Jesus ... Shit ... LOL
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham 6 orë më parë
machine gun kelly david puck? pick a delli, pick a telly, pick a tina.
Clio 6 orë më parë
The button is just for blind people to know if its their turn to cross lmao 🤣
Namea 6 orë më parë
Hankkkk! You shouldn't be selling drugs when you're a DEA, Haaaankkkk!!
G B 6 orë më parë
where do they come up with these skits? Gangster A Cappella singing group... wow!
Zacharias 6 orë më parë
Am I the only one who noticed the menus vanishing?
S1nwar 6 orë më parë
but ducklings never played the game!
BernStewShow 6 orë më parë
Is this Eric Thomas?
RUCA 1 6 orë më parë
does he play some one in big mouth
HOT TYRES 7 orë më parë
i saw jesus
HokiePitcher22 7 orë më parë
Boaz Awunde Dicks
Boaz Awunde Dicks 7 orë më parë
Thank you ma'am for illuminating him, but it looks like someone already lit him up
ohMARVIN 7 orë më parë
Do a boxing match skit from a referees perspective.
Bruno Bosch
Bruno Bosch 7 orë më parë
kendelsdad 7 orë më parë
I just choked im laughing so hard.
Maahii RAJpurohit
Maahii RAJpurohit 7 orë më parë
laughed every second of this video
무적최필석 7 orë më parë
Thank you for adding sub for your videos all the time! It always helps me get my English better and understand jokes.
Wrong Target
Wrong Target 7 orë më parë
Charlamagne Da God writes book during the commercial breaks at Breakfast Club
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 7 orë më parë
You realise they did this for real. Some of that terror wasn't acting 😂
David Porter
David Porter 7 orë më parë
This was so funny it was sacrilege!
Myron Peyton
Myron Peyton 7 orë më parë
I know a girl named delriah that look just like peele in this skit
Laura Leigh Shining Otter
Laura Leigh Shining Otter 7 orë më parë
Economy plus0 thank you I needed that
Millie Says OK boomer
Millie Says OK boomer 8 orë më parë
This made me wanna eat froyo
Laura Leigh Shining Otter
Laura Leigh Shining Otter 8 orë më parë
Oh I remember that steward that gate keeper yeah I remember I got him for that flight too
Laura Leigh Shining Otter
Laura Leigh Shining Otter 8 orë më parë
Oh ratatouille just pushed it over the edge
Valarie Morris
Valarie Morris 8 orë më parë
The accident is perfect
xl 8 orë më parë
I actually knew someone who let the shiny hologram size sticker and another one for quite some time, maybe 6 months or something.
Tapas Ranjan Barik
Tapas Ranjan Barik 8 orë më parë
02:40 *music* 😍😇🌝
Johnny Plank
Johnny Plank 8 orë më parë
what kinda straw was that
Ms Jane
Ms Jane 8 orë më parë
Even key and Peele knew of the coming of the Antichrist
Kimberly Galindo
Kimberly Galindo 8 orë më parë
Its funny how on Red Table they were going all in on Aunt Becky's daughter like they don't all have privilege. Just saying the Smiths got privilege more than most
YourBoi D
YourBoi D 8 orë më parë
Can you say mcdonald's in french. Cuz that's what your getting
Amos Reed
Amos Reed 8 orë më parë
😂"Oooh I get it. I'm not persecuted, I'm just an a$$ hole!!!"
redbootsali 8 orë më parë
😂😂 I can’t stop laughing
Ms Jane
Ms Jane 8 orë më parë
We are here, they are there! 2x